« It always seems impossible until it’s done » (N. Mandela)


I’m Elodie, mother of two children, Thom & Satine, and the Vieux Puits is our new house… more than a house, it’s the culmination of a truly life-defining project. Here’s our story.


After having worked for ten years in a fast-paced communications job, I wanted to take a break, spend time with my family and distance myself from a lifestyle that no longer suited me. I therefore decided to leave everything and go on a round-the-world trip with my children who were 5 and 8 years old at the time.


With our backpacks, for 10 months, we roamed around 4 continents and crossed 15 countries, by plane, boat, camel back, elephant back, tuk tuk… and, of course, with our 6 feet. It was an extraordinary adventure, filled with rich human contact. It was the source of many emotions, discoveries, shared moments, encounters. It was also a challenging adventure… not always easy to walk around the earth alone with my 2 kids… but it allowed me to outline a new lifestyle that could become our own.

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Back in France, my world turned upside down, I knew that we were to reinvent our life
As a matter of fact… a few hundred meters from us, a house was for sale.

I knew this house, I had passed in front of it for 10 years. For 10 years, I had always been struck by it…

So tall, proud without being too proud, unusual in the neighborhood, it seemed to resist time in a soft and serene way. I had always been partial to older buildings and the charms of family houses. Every time I pushed the gate of the Vieux Puits, I fell under its charm, and suddenly everything became self-evident.
This house would become our home, it would be filled with life, it would see my children grow, it would bring my family together. I wanted the house to be open to others, open to the world, a place of encounters and fellowship. Transforming the house to make it into a bed-and-breakfast became a way of pursuing our trip.

Here, I want to host guests from all over the world, guide them in new ways of discovering Paris and its region, and allow them to enjoy a new art of living.


Of course, it’s all well and good to dream, but there was a lot of work ahead of us. Parts of the 200 year old house had deteriorated. We had to change all the windows, renovate the walls and floors, modify the structure and the openings, update the heating system, the hot water system, the electricity, recreate 3 bathrooms… and more.

I was helped and supported by my parents and close friends. All generations chipped in and worked tirelessly for 7 months. A new life was given to the Vieux Puits house, the dream became a reality.

Today, the gates of the Vieux Puits are wide open, so don’t hesitate, next time you’re in Paris, stop by the house and share this new adventure with us.


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